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Alpinestars GP
This all new suit features an advanced 3 layer construction with a 100% Aramidic fibre outer layer which offers excellent resistant to heat. The two inner layers incorporate the same material for maximum heat transfer protection. The arm, leg and torso panels are anatomically designed to provide ..
64 050 р.
Alpinestars GP Start
The GP Start from Alpinestars is a 2 layer race suit with a 100% Aramidic outer layer and Aramidic based inner layer for maximum heat transfer protection. Anatomical arms and legs allow for optimum fit and feel in the driving position and flat internal seams reduce pressure points for increased c..
38 850 р.
OMP Dart
The Dart from OMP is a 2 layer race suit in a modern multi colour design. The outer layer is extremely durable while the inner layer is a breathable and comfortable Nomex fabric. Benefiting from a new elasticated insert on the back which gives the driver additional movement whilst the fully float..
43 050 р.
OMP First S
The recently updated First S race suit is an excellent 2 layer entry-level race suit ideal for the clubman competitor offering superb value for money. In addition of floating sleeves and an inner collar made of a soft knitted Nomex fabric the First S as before features ultra flat anti-r..
34 860 р.
OMP One Evo
Redesigned for 2015 the One Evo suit offers the driver the very best in design, comfort and more importantly protection. With all important feedback from F1 drivers, this allows OMP to bring to you their flagship professional ultra-light 3 layer suit. The new One Evo suit features the most breath..
114 450 р.
The One S suit is OMP’s new professional 3 layer race suit designed around there F1 activities over years of development. Finished in a box quilted shiny Nomex® high tech fabric allowing for a significant weight reduction. The dual inner layers consist of an ultra-light soft padding and an inner ..
94 500 р.
OMP Sport
An entry level 2 layer Nomex race suit from OMP offering great value for money for the customer on a budget. Features include an elasticated insert on the lower back to aid flexibility and comfort. Elasticated wrist and ankles and external pockets also features with driver extraction handles on t..
30 135 р.
OMP Tecnica Evo
An evoulution of the hugely popular Tecnica plus race suit. The OMP Technica Evo is a 3 layer professional race suit offering the following features. The external layer is made of high sheen sateen fabric in a box quilt design with concealed pockets and ultra-flat sewn seams. Dual inner layers co..
77 700 р.
OMP Tecnica S
The new Tecnica-S suit from OMP is a high specification 2 layer Nomex race suit in a modern multi coloured design. The external layer is a shiny Nomex material whilst the inner layer is a soft knit Nomex. The suit offers fully floating sleeves and an elasticated insert on the lower back, this all..
59 850 р.
Sparco Eagle RS-8
The Sparco Eagle RS-8 is a single layer suit constructed using a combination of HOCOTEX and new for 2015 Eagle fabric making the race suit lightweight yet strong. The Hocotex honeycomb structure is ultra-thin (0,6 mm), highly breathable and lightweight (around 1,1 kg size 48). A stretch panel in ..
120 750 р.
Sparco Ergo RS-3
The Sparco Ergo RS-3 is a 2 layer race suit which has been developed as a result of studying the driver position in a race car with seat belts fastened. This research has allowed Sparco to make a suit which avoids excess material in areas where the harness belts are in contact. The result is a ra..
49 350 р.
Sparco Extrema RS-10 HOCOTEX
The Extrema RS-10 racesuit is the first to be made from the revolutionary Sparco Hocotex fabric. This results in a suit which is 10% lighter and three times more breathable than a suit manufactured using existing materials. The Extrema RS-10 offers levels of comfort previously unavailable at..
241 500 р.
Sparco RS-5S
Combining style with great technical features, the Sparco RS-5S is a 3 layer Nomex suit with a difference. Constructed from a unique mix of shiny and matt outer fabrics, with a highly breathable inner lining. The Rs-5S race suits features fully floating sleeves and a stretch insert on the back of..
78 750 р.
Sparco Sprint RS-2
Trying to better the hugely successful Sprint race suit was always going to be a difficult ask, but that's just what Sparco have done. The Sprint RS-2 is constructed using box quilt stitching for a softer, more breathable fabric with greater comfort when sat in the car. Boasting feature..
33 600 р.
Sparco Superleggera RS-9
The new Superleggera RS-9 ultra-light race suit from Sparco is one of the lightest 3 layer suits currently available, weighing in at just 230grm/sq.m. The suit offers a tailored fit, minimising bunching from excess material and is constructed from 3 layers of very high quality material. A high sh..
136 500 р.
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